Here's where you can reach me with your comments and all comments are welcome. For those who came to my site seeking to learn more about Salieri I hope I was of some help. For those who would accuse me of trying to subvert Mozart, I will say - nothing is further from the truth. I doubt you will find a more devoted Mozart fan and my admiration of Wolfie has now passed the forty year mark.

     My purpose in developing this website was to provide interested visitors with a substantial volume of information on the subject of Salieri and to clarify many of the misconceptions surrounding his life. For better or worse, the internet has become a source of readily accessible, though not necessarily accurate information. By making this factual account of Salieri freely available to all curious seekers, my hope is that a few individuals will be exposed to the truth concerning Antonio Salieri. To that end, I have provided definitions to terminology foreign to the uninitiated and provided images to assist in building a 'mind's eye' picture of that age.

Bill DeWitt
Grand Junction, CO

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