Mozart's Requiem, Labyrinth of Deception This latest addition to the Salieri website covers the bizarre history of Mozart's Requiem with an emphasis on Constanze Mozart's business dealings after Mozart's death. Was she a loving wife or a greedy gold digger? You be the judge.

There are hundreds of Salieri links on the internet though the vast majority amount to little more than very brief outlines and many of those are flawed. Here is a list of the best links currently on the net.

Salieri, Antonio Truth or Fiction? This superb biographical essay by Chad Hille is the best I've found on the net.

Apropos Mozart An indespensible online reference site for Mozart research. It contains numerous essays and articles by many esteemed Mozart researchers including a few on Salieri.

Salieri and the "Murder" of Mozart From the Tarlton Law Library at the University of Texas in Austin, an essay by Albert Borowitz. Of particular interest is the theory espoused by the Third Reich that the Free Masons were responsibile for poisoning Mozart.

Mozart or Salieri? A fun link at the Reverent Entertainment site. It is a quiz with 10 audio clips, some of them are Mozart, some Salieri. You choose which is which.

Falstaff, or The Three Tricks From the Bampton Classical Opera website, a synopsis, program notes, essay by John Rice and comments by Salieri for a performance of Falstaff.
Mozart Forum The Mozart Forum is one of the premiere Mozart sites. By all means, take the time to explore this excellent site!

List of Operas by Salieri A Wikipedia article listing operas by Saliei.
List of Compositions by Salieri A Wikipedia article listing compositions by Saliei.
Beethoven Reference Site Located in the UK, this site contains an abundance of reference information on Beethoven as well as a forum.
All Things Beethoven An extensively researched site (thesis) on the origins of Beethoven's Eroica Symphony through an examination of the Wielhorsky sketchbook located in Moscow. A must read for serious researchers.
The History of Studebaker This thoroughly researched site covers the complete history of Studebaker Corporation from wagon manufacture in the 19th century to it's last days in the 1960s.
Louis Moreau Gottschalk Gottschalk was the first American pianist / composer to receive European recognition, back in the 1840s. Check out this site with a biography and many recordings of his music.